Touch-Enabled Virtual Study and Testing Tool

The Clearpath education app transforms your iPad into a comprehensive dermatopathology ‎reference tool. It offers an expansive database of slide images, simulated board exams,‎ and a state-of-the-art microscope viewer. The Clearpath education app tool is available to any ‎resident or clinician, making the study of dermatopathology easier and more efficient than ‎ever.‎

Examine Stunning 40x Images

Stunning 40x images with touch, zoom and pan capability. Seamless image rendering for ‎smooth and clear navigation.‎

Review Essential Terms

A review of essential dermatopathology terms. Touch enabled highlights of key findings for ‎each term.‎

Study an Expansive Database of Cases

Beautiful, high-resolution images. Touch-enabled highlights of key findings. Corresponding 40x ‎slides for each diagnosis.‎

Test Your Skills

Board-relevant slide cases presented in a timed exam format. Random test generator makes ‎each exam a new challenge.‎