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Petricate Labs is an independent laboratory that has served dermatologists nationwide many ‎years. We stand committed to our focus on quality, efficient service and education – all ‎essential to our dedication to patient care.‎

What Is Dermatopathology?‎

Dermatopathologists are specialized in diagnosing skin biopsies under the microscope. This is a ‎complex medical specialty that requires a correlation between what your clinician sees in his ‎office and what our physicians see under the microscope. It is crucial to receive expert care ‎when it comes to the interpretation of skin biopsies.‎

If your biopsy has been sent to us, your physician has ensured that your skin biopsy is being ‎evaluated by nationally recognized experts in dermatopathology.‎

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at 905-324-6717 or‎

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With Petricate, paying your bill online is quick, simple, and secure. Payment is processed within ‎one business day, and you will receive a receipt by e-mail. And your personal information is ‎always safe with us.‎

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