Complete Patient Information at Your Fingertips

Clearpath simplifies your life by allowing you to review your own digital slides from a tablet or ‎iPad—directly from an electronic medical record (EMR).‎

In the past, digital pathology applications were primarily accessible to pathologists who sat in ‎hospitals or labs. Although access to digital images is available through scanning companies, it’s ‎inconvenient because it’s not part of the software that you use every day. We are the only lab in ‎the country exclusively focused on providing physicians in the dermatology market easy access ‎to their digital slides on a tablet in their office.‎

Explore the following benefits of this technology integration:‎

  • Quick, easy access to digital images through the EMR.‎
  • Improved patient encounters through increased physician interaction with patients and their ‎lab results.‎
  • Annotation tools for descriptive explanations.‎
  • Direct access for surgeons (dermatology specialists who use a precise surgical technique to ‎remove skin cancer) to review digital results during real-time consultations or before ‎surgery.‎
  • Elimination of the need for physicians to use multiple systems to review results, walk ‎patients to other rooms to review results or rely on labs to look up or store results.‎
  • Removal of excessive paperwork.‎